The porch takes shape

The metal structure with its cantilever roof has now been measured by the glass fabricators in anticipation of the glazing being installed. This was to have been in around twelve weeks time. Not now I’m afraid. Like everyone else, we’ve been struck by the global Covid-19 virus pandemic and this has hit our supply chain.

Prior to the pandemic hitting we did manage to get the porch’s timber structure and insulated warm-deck roof formed, ready for cladding and finishing when conditions allow. The roof-light aperture and the extent of glazing is now apparent and the roof structure appears to magically float, completely unsupported adjacent to the cottage – it’s going to look fabulous!

Work is still progressing slowly on the interior. Steve and Healey are continuing to work for the sake of their own livelihoods, at least until such time as authority dictates otherwise. Strict social distancing measures, however, require that I cannot be on site, which is an enormous frustration. In the circumstances I’m going to use this time of enforced isolation from the cottage to try and bring this blog up to date and provide further details of what was happening prior to the pandemic hitting.

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