And so to the interior!

The interior is where we start to make the cottage a home again. Having straightened / levelled the frame (see the “Big Lift” below) it was time to strengthen the floors. In most places it was possible to retain the existing joists and strengthen them with new timber laid alongside. In some cases, we had to replace entire joists where they were split or simply had insufficient structural integrity to justify retention as floor and ceiling joists. In the hall way especially, it was necessary to replace the floor altogether on account of its completely rotten structure. These timbers were not discarded though. We have carefully removed all the damaged joists, the now unnecessary first floor ceiling joists and original floorboards from site to the shop where they are awaiting preparation for reuse. Many floor boards split, but it was certainly possible to salvage sufficient to re-plank the principal rooms.

The weather-tight external fabric now permits work to commence upon the reconfigured interior. The vaulted first floor ceilings to the two principal bedrooms give a real sense of how these spaces will be in the future. The central room upstairs is being re-planned to incorporate a bathroom and an en-suite shower room. The space is tight. The approved layout below illustrates the compactness of the space and the need to make every square inch count.

The first floor plan above, showing back-to back services. In the implementation and to make better use of space and soil-waste plumbing routes, we have off-set the position of the two WCs and sinks to enable access to an internal vertical soil pipe (more on this later).

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