Re-cladding the exterior

Having primed all the larch feather edge boards, these were brought to site in batches for cutting and fixing. This was a big job and required methodical working. The walls were first prepared by the application all over of a vapour control membrane, taped and fixed to the high density wood fibre insulation below. Vertical battens were then screwed in place, fixed through to the frame below. Careful detailing was required for the positioning and fixing of the corner posts. The sash window box frames, previously primed and painted with their finished coat, were brought to site and fixed into the frame.

One of the new sash boxes viewed from within, fitting snugly into the frame.

Each of the external cladding boards had to be measured and cut so as to start and finish in a position corresponding with the supporting battens below. A level datum was established around the base of the cottage covering the sole-plate. Each board was prepared with a thick coating of end-grain sealer to its cut ends, then nailed at every batten. The end fixings were screwed to avoid splitting the feather edge. Where boards did not fit tight to the board below, the occasional nail was fired through the thick-edge of the board and later filled. Where boards abut the corner posts and window frames, a mastic weather seal was provided.

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