Meanwhile – the walls

The replacement timber cladding was a big job! 1,200 linear metres of freshly sawn Siberian larch was delivered (from Somerset to a nearby empty shop we’re using as storage and preparation facility. The feather-edge timber needed its visible surface sanding to take off the rougher saw marks ahead of being primed and fixed to the building.

The priming of the timber was a mammoth exercise, both sides of the planks had to be primed, with the external face being primed with a second coat before getting its finishing top-coats once installed upon the building. We made use of a water based micro-porous paint from Mighton Ankerstuy Ankerstuy are a dutch company based in Gorredijk in Friesland. Their high quality water based exterior paints are designed for all applications including exterior cladding in hostile marine environments. Their unique products have been developed for excellent performance, durability and longevity characteristics when used on exterior timber – just what we need.

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