The insulation arrives

After the structural support given to the frame by the base layer of Elka Strongboard, an exterior “skin” of dense timber fibreboard was fixed through to the frames, 60mm to the walls and 100mm on the roof. For advice and supply I’ve been making use of a brilliant company in Devon called “Back to Earth and Chris Brookman there gives a very helpful introductory video on their site to explain the company ethos. It chimed with everything I’m trying to achieve here on Leigh Hill.

The insulation we chose from Back to Earth was:

UdiTOP wood fibre insulation sarking boards, these are:-

  • wet process wood fibre board which is brilliant for keeping you warm and dry in winter.
  • high density and so great for summer heat shielding, keeping your home cool.
  • the best way to form a warm roof which is completely vapour permeable.
  • quick to form a weather-tight, bat friendly covering without using membranes/felt.
  • ideal for use in noisy or urban areas where their acoustic insulation really helps.

The sustainable, breathable and recyclable nature of the product attracted me, not a sign of plastic anywhere and though heavier is comparable in terms of thermal performance to modern synthetic forms of insulation. Its acoustic noise-deadening qualities are amazing!

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