The anatomy of a building II

There has been a lot going on and so there’s been a bit of a delay with posts. I think we have gone backwards as far as we can, though the top of the chimney stack remains a serious concern and is likely to undergo a surgical rebuild to ensure its future safety. This will also rid the structure of the unhelpful cement mortar.

The cladding has now been removed.. Where it wasn’t rotten, the cladding simply shattered and split when removed. De-nailing was a task and a half! The frame is now exposed in its entirety. The sole plate, as expected, is pretty well rotten all around, in places it has rotted away altogether though in other parts some of it is salvageable.

Now the the entire frame has been exposed we can get down to the serious task of repairing it, surgically scarfing in new timber to match the original form of construction, starting with the sole plate, the corner posts and the first floor wall plate.

Next week should see some propping and adjusting of the frame to straighten up the cottage prior to insulating and applying external structural re-cladding.

There really isn’t too much that’s complicated about the structure. it just needs TLC.

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