The anatomy of a building

It’s been a very breezy few days on the estuary this past week. However, the scaffold has performed brilliantly and whilst it was a bit noisy (under all the flapping monoflex sheeting), it was possible to get rid of all those modern concrete tiles that have been weighing so heavily upon the frame. The roof structure is now fully exposed and the simplicity of the construction is there for all to see. There was so much re-purposed wood used in the original construction. The aim is to reuse much of it again!

Dominic surgically dismantling the roof, the hard-hat and gloves were essential kit!
The old, shaped ceiling joists appear to be re-purposed ships’ timbers, not surprising given Mr Bundock’s occupation as a shipwright. The rafters look to be more modern.
The chimney stack is not in good condition and will need a lot of TLC. There has been a lot of ugly concrete pointing undertaken in the past.

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